Plot twist: CMOs aren’t machines. In a survey of over 400 heads of marketing across the globe, CMOs felt they took on the jobs of 11 (or more) areas of marketing.

Over the last 20 years: new technologies, social medias, datas have therefore giving birth to new skills, opening the door to the "hyper specialists" era. But if expertises are multiplying - deadlines, budget and brain capacities are not (we're not machines, remember?).


In this E-Book concocted by both the Malt team and freelancers, you will find out:

  • When freelancing is the right option for your project,
  • The variety of expertises and talents you can find on Malt - both technical and strategic,
  • Why Malt is the best partner to reach your goals.


Marketing skills never stop changing

Marketers are like a chameleon in a disco ball - always changing and adapting to the latest moves. Marketers have taken the lead on many other functions, from marketing analytics (the main responsibility 76.3% of marketers today compared with 66.7% in February 2020) to competitive intelligence (58.0% today compared with 47.3% pre-pandemic).


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But some skills are for a reason, some for a season…

You don't necessarily need them as full-time employees, you just need someone with fresh eyes to step in to projects when needed. All companies need strong, permanent leadership, but not all companies need a permanent creative strategist, for example.

Remember, just because you worked with a stellar freelancer once, doesn't mean it’s a one-time partnership. You may not be able to pay for someone full-time now, so give your favourite freelancers multiple assignments over the years and get the best of both worlds: deep expertise and flexibility.



"You need specialists who are ultra sharp and generalists who have a very broad view and have the ability to understand all the specialists. If you combine the two, that's really what's changed in 10 years in the marketing world."

Hugues Rey - CEO of Havas Belgium

Through this E-Book, discover:

  • Marketing trends and top skills companies are looking for
  • The variety of marketing experts you can find on Malt
  • Tips on how to collaborate with freelancers
  • Features and tools Malt can provides you to better achieve your projects
  • A success story with one of our client since 2017: L'Oréal